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A few rules:

1. All names must be in by April 15, 2019
2. Only one chance to name the character per person. If you send more than one I will only count the first one.
3. Email the name to:    [email protected] 
4. Once I pick the best name I will announce it to the Reader's Group and give you credit.


Here's a description of the new character:  Female, mid-twenties, ethnically Hawaiian, five foot tall, spunky, funny, socially a little awkward, a bit tech nerdy, hired into the forensics lab at the OIS (Office of Internal Security). She will work with Tamari in a support role back at headquarters, not in the field.

The winner will get the character's name used in the book, a personal mention in the thanks at the front of the book, and a free copy of the e-book when it is published later in 2019.

Character Naming Contest